Britannia’s “Society Square” over on Beatrice Street

In the 1887 Ottawa Journal reports of activities in "Britannia on the Bay" there are several references over the season to "Society Square." Missing is any suggestion or hint as to what or where this might be. It was clear that the discerning reader was expected to know. Apparently anyone else didn't matter. Reading the … Continue reading Britannia’s “Society Square” over on Beatrice Street

Cassels St

We do not know for certain for whom or what Cassels St is named, but we can make a very educated deduction. Many of the streets in Britannia were named for people of significance in 19th century Ottawa, eg Sparks, Poulin, Ahearn, Wylie, Kirby, Howe, etc, and undoubtedly Cassels as well. Richard Scougall Cassels was … Continue reading Cassels St