Britannia (not really a) Pier

Britannia Pier was built in 1900 as part of the Britannia Park and the Electric Railway, an amusement theme  park mega-project of the Ottawa Electric Railway Co. The original pier was 1000 ft long and built (below) using rubble from the dredging of the Metropolitan Electric Power Canal project at Deschenes Rapids.1. The trouble is, … Continue reading Britannia (not really a) Pier

Britannia and “The Man from Glengarry”

The "Man from Glengarry" was an extremely popular book in the early part of the last century. LibriVox notes that "Immediately after its publication in 1901, the novel spent several months in the top ranks of the New York Times "Books in Demand" list."  (here for the free ebook.pdf). So popular that in 1922 they … Continue reading Britannia and “The Man from Glengarry”