The late, great “Britannia Flying Field”

On August 23, 1930 the Ottawa Journal carried a fascinating story about how Monarch Airways of Ottawa had delivered their first glider to their flying field in Britannia "...where experienced instructors are available for the teaching of this art of flying."1 Say What? Yup, that what it says, and the glider was delivered to one "Arnold … Continue reading The late, great “Britannia Flying Field”

The Britannia Children’s Convalescent Home

SPOILER ALERT!: Like Britanniaville, The Britannia Children's Convalescent Home was never to be, or at least not in Britannia. Still, it is part of our Britannia history because, for a couple of years at least, it made Britannia very much a focus for 'High Society' in Ottawa. As well, it is entirely possible that the … Continue reading The Britannia Children’s Convalescent Home