The “Britannia Park Home”

Is there really such a thing as a house design known as "the Britannia Park Home?" Maybe In 1950 Glabar Reality teamed up with a consortium of local contractors and developers to create a hundred homes in Britannia on the former Poulin land that Louis Poulin had tried to develope as Loma Park. By 1951 … Continue reading The “Britannia Park Home”

The Fresh Air Cottage

The Fresh Air Cottage in Britannia was a charitable project of the King's Daughters Guild. It was a facility where poor women could send or bring their children for a vacation at minimal cost. While less of an issue in Ottawa, Fresh Air Homes were an attempt to give poorer children a brief respite from … Continue reading The Fresh Air Cottage

Accomodation: Hotels, Motels, Cabins, Camps, etc

Apartments Jamieson Apartments Rothesay Apartments 1914 Directory Voyageur Boarding Houses Chateau von Charles Camps & Camping grounds Big Rock Camp, Camp Comfort, Cedar Camp, Frog Valley Camp, Metropolitan Life Camp, Night Owl Camp, Three Oaks, Water Lilly Camp  Hotels Bayshore Hotel Trilby Lodge Motels (aka Cabins, Tourist Courts) Alice's Wonderland Motel, 1955? - 1958? became … Continue reading Accomodation: Hotels, Motels, Cabins, Camps, etc