Lindenhof Wein und Biergarten

For five years the Lindenhof Restaurant at 365 Forest St offered traditional German cuisine to Britannia and beyond. Well, actually for far longer than that, just not at 365 Forest, and not always traditional German cuisine. What would be the Lindenhof Restaurant began as a Chicken Delight in 1968 at 965 Richmond Rd; the site … Continue reading Lindenhof Wein und Biergarten

Britannia Plaza: Trial by fire

In the early morning of Fri Feb 6, 2009 a fire destroyed the east end of Britannia Plaza. The fire was one of three suspicious fires in Ottawa that day, and destroyed at least five businesses at Britannia Plaza. Apparently the huge blaze took 77 firemen to extinguish. 1 Destroyed by the fire were: Rockin … Continue reading Britannia Plaza: Trial by fire

Accomodation: Hotels, Motels, Cabins, Camps, etc

Apartments Jamieson Apartments Rothesay Apartments 1914 Directory Voyageur Boarding Houses Chateau von Charles Camps & Camping grounds Big Rock Camp, Camp Comfort, Cedar Camp, Frog Valley Camp, Metropolitan Life Camp, Night Owl Camp, Three Oaks, Water Lilly Camp  Hotels Bayshore Hotel Trilby Lodge Motels (aka Cabins, Tourist Courts) Alice's Wonderland Motel, 1955? - 1958? became … Continue reading Accomodation: Hotels, Motels, Cabins, Camps, etc