The late, great “Britannia Flying Field”

On August 23, 1930 the Ottawa Journal carried a fascinating story about how Monarch Airways of Ottawa had delivered their first glider to their flying field in Britannia "...where experienced instructors are available for the teaching of this art of flying."1 Say What? Yup, that what it says, and the glider was delivered to one "Arnold … Continue reading The late, great “Britannia Flying Field”


So what happened to The Recycle Store?

Starting March 1 and running until Aug 3rd in 1978 a series of classified ads appeared in the Ottawa Journal seeking donations of bicycles and appliances. The ads were for a repair and reclaim facility operated by the handicapped community. There was a phone number, but no address.1 · Fri, Mar 30, 1979 – Page … Continue reading So what happened to The Recycle Store?

Forest St

Forest was first laid out in 1910 as "Portland Ave."1. Then in 1950 it's name was changed to "Forest" as a result of amalgamation with the City of Ottawa. 1 Ottawa's Britannia 2 Streets 365 Forest 2004 - 2009: Lindenhof Wein und Biergarten ???? Forest Country Bar & Grill ???? Wyldewood Catering ???? Rex Vietnamese

Britannia Myth and Memory; the Squirrels and the Yohawks

Growing up in Britannia in the 1960s and 70s there was a certain accepted wisdom that Britannia and/or the west end was a "tough" neighbourhood. The noteriety was based particularly on the reputation of two fearsome gangs, the Squirrels and the Yohawks; Britannia's version of the Jets and the Sharks, or the Crips and the … Continue reading Britannia Myth and Memory; the Squirrels and the Yohawks