White’s Dubl-Dip Ice Cream

Presumed to be White's in 1958 13 Aug 1940 Page 6 The Ottawa Journal at Newspapers com (1) From 1934 to 1964 White's Dubl-Dip (originally 'Double Dip') Ice Cream was on the corner of Forest Ave and Richmond Rd. It is remembered fondly by some of Britannia's older residents, but unfortunately nothing else is known … Continue reading White’s Dubl-Dip Ice Cream


The Ann Sisson Redux: The Mysteries

In my Jan 2017 Post Where is the Ann Sisson? (since significantly updated) I suggested that there were two mysteries surrounding this 19th Century steam ship. viz: Where in Britannia Bay had she been beached and burned?Who was she named after ie who was Ann Sisson? Then in my Feb 18, 2018 post No, really, it's the Ann … Continue reading The Ann Sisson Redux: The Mysteries

Forest St

Forest was first laid out in 1910 as "Portland Ave."1. Then in 1950 it's name was changed to "Forest" as a result of amalgamation with the City of Ottawa2 . Forest at Richomond 1934 - 1964: White's Dubl Dip Ice Cream 365 Forest Ave 2004 - 2009: Lindenhof Wein und Biergarten1973 - 1984 Frank's Fine Foods???? Forest Country Bar & … Continue reading Forest St