Humber Street

Humber Street ran parallel to Britannia Rd from the Ottawa River to the CPR railway line (see map below), although which sections were actively used varied over time. For the most part it seems to have functioned as a back lane for the houses of the east side of Britannia Rd. The most well used … Continue reading Humber Street


Bradford St

189 Bradford ???? - 2006 Eileen Wetmore, long time Britannia resident. Ms Wetmore had a stroke in the early 2000s and passed away 2006. The double lot with the original converted cottage was sold and demolished. 189 Bradford, E. Wetmore home

Kirby Rd

Kirby Rd is the southern portion of what was originally known as Beatrice St. The name changed when Britannia was annexed by the City of Ottawa in 1950. The Street is almost certainly named for T.H. Kirby, Treasurer for the City of Ottawa, who had a cottage in this part of Britannia.

Britannia’s “Society Square” over on Beatrice Street

In the 1887 Ottawa Journal reports of activities in "Britannia on the Bay" there are several references over the season to "Society Square." Missing is any suggestion or hint as to what or where this might be. It was clear that the discerning reader was expected to know. Apparently anyone else didn't matter. Reading the … Continue reading Britannia’s “Society Square” over on Beatrice Street