Jane’s Walk of Britannia History: 2020, The Covid-19 Edition

This is a self-led, walking audio tour of the basic history of Ottawa’s Britannia.

For a few years now I have been intending to lead a Jane’s Walk covering the basic history of our community. With one thing and another it kept getting set aside, but this year I was really going to do it

Then Covid-19. Not the best time to lead a group on an afternoon outing.

So instead I offer the self-led, walking audio tour

Download the MPEG-4 Audio file from the Google Drive onto the mobile device of your choice using the link below

Download Audio File

The Tour takes approximately one hour. It begins at the base of Rowatt and ends on the Pier. You can do it alone or as a family … OK, it’s probably boring as heck for kids, so maybe not a young family.

The Tour starts with a 3 minute preamble that you can listen to anywhere. From that point you should begin at the base of Rowatt, and then pause and walk to the next point of interest as directed by the tour before starting again.

Of course you can do the Tour anytime, not just on May 2nd – 3rd

Jane Jacobs

Doing this I learned more than I wanted to, and in the future I hope to:

  • Provide more different audio formats
  • Do a version with fewer technical errors … and a LOT fewer “umms” (I’m not a voice actor by profession)
  • Do versions that:
    • are more detailed for the area covered
    • cover the areas skipped in this version
  • Most importantly, a PDF & HTML version with photos of the places that no longer exist, which is far too many.

    But at least this is a start. Any feedback in the comments is most welcome

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