Town and Country Plaza

1460 – 1490 Richmond Rd / 2625 Carling Ave: 

Between Richmond Rd and Carling Ave, just east of where they intersect. Also

Town and Country

For some inexplicable the bus stop opposite on Richmond Rd is known as “Richmond Plaza” by OC Transpo.

Since Richmond Plaza is (was) in the former village of Richmond (now part of Ottawa) many km west of Britannia, and the Richmond Plaza Motel is at Richmond Road and Kirkwood, several km east of Britannia, I have no idea why OC Transpo has done this; maybe they confused this with Richmond Sqaure, about 1 km east at Assaly.

Regardless, they seem to think it refers to this Plaza, but it doesn’t.

Below, the former Town and Country Motel for which the Plaza was named:

Lost Ottawa on FaceBook

The Town and Country Plaza itself was built in 1979/1980 on this site.

2625 Carling Ave

1980 (Mar) – Present: McDonald’s

1460 Richmond Rd

East Corner

1981 – Present: Baskin Robbins

South Side

1982 – Present: Superclip Hair Cutters

1983 Name changes to First Choice Haircutters


The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, June 26, 1982

North Corner

???? – Present: Canadian Strength Institute

19821998? June Wilkinson’s Aerobic Workout

Arabic Teacher

The Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, August 3, 1982

West Corner

2003 – Present: Shoppers Drug Mart

2010 Robbed for drugs

Location Uncertain

19941996 CheesePlus Pizza

19881993?: Nutri/System

1986 – 1991?: Broken Cue 

1985 – 1991? Animal House Pet Shop

Pet Shop

The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, December 28, 1985

West Building

1980 – Canada Trust

Nov 25, 1980: Robbed by teenager with a sawed-off shotgun.

Apr 14, 1981: Robbed by two masked men with handguns.

February 12, 1982: Robbed by a young man in a green cap claiming to have a gun.

October 7, 1983: Robbed by 23 yr old Marc Marcil, no weapon seen.

October 24, 1983: Attempted robbery by man who did calisthenics while waiting.

February 29, 1984: Robbed by a masked man (Danny Lindsy) with a handgun. Eventually he is caught and confesses to multiple crimes.

David Lindsay

The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, February 14, 1987


The Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, July 31, 1984

December 24, 2003: Robbed by lone male.

November 4, 2005: Robbed by lone male who fled in a vehicle.

1475 Richmond Rd

1982 – 1993: Hemingway’s (see main entry)

??? – 1979: Town and Country Restaurant

1480 Richmond Rd

1980 – 2000? St Hubert Chicken

1490 Richmond Rd

2014? – Present: H&R Block

2000 – 2011?: Mattress Mart:

1997 – Present: Salvation Army Thrift Shop

1994 – ????: Flair-U Frame It

19921996: Camellia Indian Buffet. Presumably in the location of the former Jade Dragon Palace.

Indian Buffet

1990 – Present: Pet Valu

1990 – ????: Blue Heron Fishery

Blue Fishery

1986 – 1989?: Godfather Pizza and Subs


1987: Robbed by 22 yr old local woman armed with a knife.

Pizza robbery

1985 – 1989?: Bruno Sportsweatr

1984 – ????: Carling Sports

1983 – 1992?: Jade Dragon Palace

1983 – 1984?: The Video Station

Video Station

1980 – ????: The Outdoor Gardens

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