The Natural Charm of Britannia

Recently I found something curious, a 21 page publication from 1996 titled “The Natural Charm of Britannia: A Heritage Character Statement” by Lisa and Mark Horwitz.

The report is a look at architectural styles and settings of fourteen homes in Britannia, all dating from around 1900 +/-. The explicit purpose of the publication is to assess which homes should receive Heritage designation.

It is printed on 8.5″ X 14″, one sided, plastic spiral bound, and seems to have been laser printed rather than more formal type of printing, and has the feel of an organizational report.

The really interesting thing about it is that no one has ever heard of it. There is no record of it on-line, the City of Ottawa archives does not have a copy that I can find, and no one in the Ottawa, Britannia Facebook group (almost 1000 members) knows anything about it. Certainly the publication has no explicit acknowledgement of any sponsoring body, group or institution.

The Background section states “Recognizing the natural charm of a number of older houses in the Britannia area, the Britannia Village Advocacy (BVA) requested, in the spring of 1996, that the Heritage section of the Dept of Planning, Economic Development and Housing (PEDH) at the City of Ottawa, …”

So it sounds like it may have been prepared for the City of Ottawa, or more likely for the BVA, but there is no statement explicitly making that link. Hopefully posting this will lead to finding someone who knows about this work and it’s precise origin and backstory.

Below are scans of the entire booklet. I do this not to violate copyright (none mentioned, but not explicitly waived either), nor to benefit from someone else’s work, but rather so this unique work is not entirely lost, as it seems it almost was.

Click on Caption for larger image

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