Greenview Ave

Today Greenview (originally Park Ave) is really just an extension of Pinecrest Rd (originally John St), but it is not named as that because historically Greenview consisted of the section from Howe (then Dufferin) to Don (then Cameron). (See A street by any other name). As explained in the post about “Lorne Green Way“:

Greenview 1976

In his 1879 plan for Britanniaville LeBreton Ross had planned to call this road West St, but nothing came of it.


This is the original section of what was named Park Ave, created about 1910 as part of the Jamieson Estates. The “about” reflects the fact that the practice at the time was to start building cottages and houses off of a planned street, then at some point later petition the County to actually create the street.

In amalgamation with the City in 1950 it was necessary to change the name as the City already had a Park Av. The initial proposal was to name it Lafreniere*, but then the name Greenview was adopted instead, according to a 2005 City report this was to honour the actor Lorne Greene who supposedly had resided on Park Ave, although actually he probably never had, at least not as a permanent resident, although he almost certainly spent a great deal of time there at his parents cottage.

In 1979 Greenview was extended to (or from) Carling to provide alternative connection to Britannia Park as the traffic through the neighbourhood had gotten excessive. An undated City of Ottawa map shows a single street extending from Howe to Carling although in 1979 it angles into the park, so who knows what that’s all about.

This left Greenview in two unconnected sections and this created problems for emergency response crews. As a result it was proposed to rename one or the other section. The North section residents weren’t keen as the name honoured the Green family.

The south section residents were also not interested as they wanted a stable address. They proposed that the north section be renamed Lorne Green Way as a way of addressing the concerns of the north section residents, which is what was done.


*Presumably for Napoleon Lafrenière, a local restaurantaur c. 1900 who had owned a half dozen lots in Belltown.


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