Richmond Road

It is impossible to overstate the significance of Richmond Road for Britannia, and it is one of those quirks of history that it was the War of 1812 that both brought John LeBreton, the founder of Britannia, to this part of Canada, and also created the perceived need for the military settlement of Richmond, Ont.

Colonel George Thew Burke

A more detailed history of Richmond, Ont may be found here, and “The Ottawa Genealogist” Vol 51, An Incidental Issue, Dec 2018 is a very detailed history of “Capt George Thew Burke – Creator of Richmond, the 2nd Rideau Military Settlement in Upper Canada.” and many other members of the settlement.

A description of the creation of the road itself and the state of it in 1824 may be found in the article above, and details of changes in the route since in the article below.

For our purposes it is sufficient to note that it was decided to create a military settlement on the Jock River, and that it was to be named for the Duke of Richmond, who was the newly appointed Governor General of Upper Canada at the time. In order to do this it was necessary to create a “road” (dirt track, possibly corduroy in sections) from Richmond Landing (just behind the current Supreme Court Building) to Richmond Ont.

This “road” was created in 1818 and named The Richmond Road for the settlement which it led to, and is hence indirectly for the Duke of Richmond. The dirt track became corduroy, then in 1852 it was macadamized,  and eventually paved, possibly circa 1887, certainly before 1924.

Regardless, as is detailed in Britannia’s Bicentennial is coming soon! Or not, Richmond Road + John LeBreton not only created Britannia, but very much determined a particular character for the community, some elements of which persist to this day.

And of course Richmond Road itself is still there

Between Edgeworth Ave and Forest St somewhere: 1830s – 1850s? Robert Magee Tavern

1440? Richmond Rd:
1973 – Present: Parking Lot for Forest Manor
1934 – 1964: White’s Dubl-Dip Ice Cream

1460 – 1490 Richmond Rd :
1982 – Present: Town and Country Plaza

1476 Richmond Rd:
1981 – 1993 Hemingway’s Restaurant
1978 – 1981 Town and Country Restaurant
1958 – 1978 Town and Country Motel and Restaurant
1946 – 1958 Dayton’s Motel and Town and Country Restaurant

1463 – 1495 Richmond Rd:
1967 – Present: Britannia Plaza

2832 Richmond Rd:
<1940 – 1965: Fallis Bros Florists

2720 Richmond Rd:
2017 – Present:
1991 – 2017 Grant Alternative School
1922 – 1989 Grant Consolidated Elementary School
???? – 1922 Private homes

2975 Richmond Rd:
1832 – 1887 S.S. No. 3 Nepean – Mosgrove School, log schoolhouse

Mosgrove School (stone schoolhouse)

2976 Richmond Rd:
1985 – Present: Mosgrove Court Condominiums
1922 – 1985: Private dwelling
1887 – 1922 S.S. No. 3 Nepean – Mosgrove School, stone schoolhouse

3080 Richmond Rd:  “Fairfields” Heritage House, original home of “William Bell, “the largest landowner in the Britannia area”, and his Tavern. (Ottawa’s Britannia)

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