“Ottawa’s Britannia”: Errors and Corrections

Unfortunately the book “Ottawa’s Britannia” is not without errors in fact, as well as typos and misprints. This space is meant to be a place to index and correct those errors.

If you are aware of any errors that are not already posted here, please make a comment below describing the error, and the correction if known, and we will add it to this page. Thank you.

Missing pages

In some copies of the original printing pgs 105, 108-109, 112-113, 117 and 120 are blank (so is pg116, but apparently it is blank in all editions and meant  to be that way). Thanks to Barry M for scanning the relevant pages which are given below. For those missing these pages you can download these images and print the scans.

Pg 55

Para 4: The text implies that Catherine Hand died in Oct 1889. In fact she died in Oct 1890. The wording also seems to imply that her store opened in 1889 when she became Post Master [sic], when in fact the store had been there since at least 1887, and probably longer.

Pg 73

At the bottom of the page is a photo with the caption “Britannia’s first Post Office at the foot of Britannia Road. 1889. (1950s).” The picture really is of Britannia’s first post office, but that would be Walter Hamer’s in 1875. The 1889 date is when Barbara Hand briefly opened a post office at the corner of Britannia Road and Rowatt (then Main Street and Sparks St)

Back Cover

1st paragraph, “Tweedsmuir” misspelled as “Tweeedsmuir “

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