White’s Dubl-Dip Ice Cream

Presumed to be White’s in 1958
13 Aug 1940 Page 6 The Ottawa Journal at Newspapers com (1)

From 1934 to 1964 White’s Dubl-Dip (originally ‘Double Dip’) Ice Cream was on the corner of Forest Ave and Richmond Rd. It is remembered fondly by some of Britannia’s older residents, but unfortunately nothing else is known about it.

According to Ottawa’s BritanniaIndeed, at one point, police were called upon to direct traffic and prevent roads from being blocked as people  warmed to enjoy five-cent ice cream cones in any of three regular and one special flavours.

01 Apr 1967, pg  65 The Ottawa Citizen
07 Jul 1945 pg  16 The Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa’s Britannia


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