Updated: By-Town (Canada West)

As of a few months ago the archives of “The Ottawa Citizen” (1898-2018) and “The Ottawa Daily Citizen” (aka “The Packet” 1846-1897)  have become available; 172 years of local history with over 2,000,000 mentions of “Britannia.” Many of those 2,000,000 do not refer to our community in Ottawa West, but they all have to be looked at.

“By-Town (Canada West)”, all a matter of perspective

Rather than completely rewrite almost every blog post on this site I am opting to insert new/different information as dark blue block quotes through the body of the articles as I update them.

Update: So new information will appear like this.

Not the cleanest way to handle it, but I have to start over I will never finish this project.

Well, I will never finish it regardless, but let’s say it will be even more unfinished. As it is, all of this new information will mean posts will be more informative and detailed in future, but will take longer to research and write.

Some of the posts will not change at all, some will have a few new details added, while some will change substantially. For those that change significantly I may share them on social media again if the changes make that seem advisable. We’ll  take it as it goes.

In the same vein I will not be renumbering the footnotes and references as that too would be unimaginably painful. Instead I will just continue the footnote sequence at the bottom even though in the body of the text they will be out of sequence.

As posts are updated I will insert a short note at the top and a link to this post so that it is clear what is going on and why.


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