When Britannia was Satan’s Choice

No doubt it came as a shock to many Britannia residents when, on the morning of Aug 9th 1977, shots were fired at a residence on Bond St. Perhaps more disturbing was that a dog had been shot and left to die, and that the “area is frequented by members of the Satan’s Choice motorcycle gang.”1

A week later more details emerge and the news only get’s worse. The shooting is just one of several violent incidents that may be part of an emerging biker gang war. The house at 2601 Bond St is identified as the headquarters of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.2  Residents wonder if the streets are safe to walk any more.

So what is going on?

News coverage of events was sporadic and not always particularly well informed. The members of the various motorcycle clubs were certainly not talking to either police or the media. Unless one of the gang/club members ever writes a “late-life tell all” book there’s little chance that we will ever know what was really happening and why.

2601 Bond St, 1965

What we do know is 1977 began with a bombing in Overbook that seemed to be linked to a gang war starting between Satan’s Choice and a club known as ‘Bad News’.3

This occurred against a backdrop of tension and conflict between the Outlaws and Satan’s Choice on the one hand, and Hell’s Angels and the the Popeyes on the other. Troubles for Satan’s Choice only got worse in 1976 when a major police bust put away a number of important club members, including the club president.

In July 1977 the Ottawa, St. Catharines, Windsor, and Montreal chapters of Satan’s Choice fully abandoned it in favour of the much larger Outlaws Motorcycle Club. 4

This patching over explains why an area “frequented by Satan’s Choice Motorcycle Club” included the headquarters of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, ie the one became the other. Bond Street had been Satan’s Choice headquarters, but for how long? That I have not been able to find out.

We know Satan’s Choice headquarters had been in Little Italy, but that was in the late 1960s5.  I can’t find when and why they moved to Britannia, and whether from Little Italy or elsewhere

According to Paul Sullivan in the Britannia Facebook Group they were already there in 1973. Perhaps some reader will know even more. Regardless, the Bond St headquarters was under attack in in Aug 1977.

In November 1977 a house on Iris St was badly shot up, wounding three residents. It was suggested that it had been members of Satan’s Choice (ie Outlaws) doing the shooting, but as usual no one was saying very much6.

Then on Apr 29 1978 the Bond house is badly burned in an arson caused fire, but the Club headquarters has since moved to Hintonburg7. I do not know if the house on Bond was ever occupied again.

Certainly by 1991 it is long gone, torn down for a parking lot.


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