Howe St

Until annexation by the City of Ottawa in 1950, Howe St was “Dufferin” and Britannia Rd was either “Main St” north of Howe (but not always) and “Louis Ave” from Howe St to Carling.

Howe St is named for George and WIlliams S. Howe, early Britannia residents, prominent Ottawa citizens and paint merchants William had a cottage on Dufferin. Both William S. and George Howe was very active with the early Yacht Club, and William was the Mayor of Britannia in the 1890s.

In 1906 William sold his cottage to Napoleon Lafreniere, another prominent Ottawa Citizen whose popular restaurant “Nap’s Place” was damaged when a downtown fire destroyed Grant’s Music Hall, 27 Nov 1898. In 1916 Lafrenier would  own the Wellington Hotel on Queen St. “Lafreniere” was one of the names considered when the City was renaming Park Ave (Greenview, now Lorne Greene Way) in 1950

Unfortunately for Lafreniere a major storm that same summer of 1906  pushed the cottage off it’s foundations and did considerable damage, but it was repaired..

In 1948 Leo Heaps transfered a property on Dufferin (Howe) valued at $4,500 to Wm A Ficko

A 1954 Ottawa Citizen ad for a bungalow at 11 Howe St (?) promises “warm, cement block, indoor water.”


Poor design and a clocked culvert lead to extensive, and expensive flooding along Howe,

The Ottawa Citizen22 Mar 1980, SatPage 79
2700 Howe Street

   Apr 03, 2018: Fire displaces 3 and kills three family dogs

CBC News ·
2720 Howe Street
The Ottawa Citizen, 24 Dec 1960, Sat, 31

Who was Alex Smiley and what was his business?

Oct 1973 – May 1974?: After Hours Medical Centre

03 Oct 1973 Page 42 The Ottawa Journal at Newspapers com
03 Oct 1973 Page 42 The Ottawa Journal

 At the time a fair amount of media coverage went  to Dr Ian Yeats and his experimental after hours medical clinics (and here). Apparently they were risky in that  they were not permitted to advertise, and so relied on word of mouth. The Howe St Clinic was the second of it’s kind.

Dr Yeats was apparently also looking into creating a mobile clinic.

The prohibition against advertising means it is hard to know how long the clinic lasted, but the last mention I find is an advertisement for an RT in May of 1974.

2728 Howe Street:

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