2728 Howe Street, Britannia

Until amalgamation with the City of Ottawa in 1950, Howe St was “Dufferin” and Britannia Rd was either “Main St” north of Howe (but not always) and “Louis Ave” from Howe St to Carling.


2728 Howe Street

Our story beings in 1910 with the present (2017) building already standing. There is no information about the building or site prior to that date.


The site becomes a Grocery owned by “Ruggles Birtch” according to Taylor1, but the 1911 Directory lists a “Ruglas H Birtch” as a Grocer on the south side of Dufferin.

1912 – 1913

Ruglas is is now listed as living on Third Ave (Glebe) and Herbert A Stinson as the Grocer on Dufferin. Herbert seems to have attended Nepean High School prior to trying his hand at being a Grocer, then moved to Richmond to farm, residing there until his death in 1959.


The Ottawa Directory has no mention of Stinson or any other grocer on Dufferin, but a Patrick Wall is listed as a Grocer on Priscilla.


Garfield W Cummings is now listed as the Grocer at the corner of Main and Dufferin and there is no listing for Patrick Wall.


Eva Taylor1 states that “by 1920” James Isbister has assumed Birtch’s grocery, but as documented above, at least two others had come between them, and in 1919 the Ottawa Journal lists Isbister as a grocer in Britannia Bay (the other being Nesbitt at the Britannia General Store). The Ottawa Directories 1911 to 1916 list Isbister as a resident on Royal Ave in Carella Park (Westboro).


According to Eva Taylor a John Farrel took over the store, and also became Postmaster when Nesbitt resigned, but she does not state when the latter was.







The business is advertised as For Sale as the owner (Ayoub?) is retiring “for health reasons.”

< 1974 >

A robbery of the Quik Shop Confectionery is foiled in the planning stages.

< 1978 – 1980 >



< 1985 – 1987 >

Britannia Bait and Tackle Shop

< 2007 – 2013

2013 – July 2017

Antique Hoarders

July 2017 – Present

Vacant: The building has been for sale since the spring of 2016, so it seems likely that changes are in the offing. The run down state of the property means it almost a certainty that the current building will be torn down and something else built in it’s place, but what and when is anyone’s guess.



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