Bradford St

In Ottawa’s Britannia Eva Taylor says she has no idea why Bradford St was named Bradford. It’s one of Britannia’s oldest streets, originally probably leading to LeBreton’s house and mill.

The explanation may be as simple as LeBreton’s family originally coming from Bradford in West Yorkshire, an homage to the old country that would be in keeping with naming the area “Britannia.”

66 Bradford

189 Bradford

<1968 – 2006: Eileen Wetmore, school teacher and long time Britannia resident. Ms Wetmore had a stroke in the early 2000s and passed away 2006. The double lot with the original converted cottage was sold and the cottage demolished.

189 Bradford, Eilene. Wetmore home

Ms Wetmore was a long time close friend of Judson Pulford Henderson,
father of “after the long dash it will be 1 PM Eastern Standard Time” and cared for him when he was dying of cancer.

205 Bradford

Tribute to Aleksander Mikhailovich Rodchenko:  Bradford St: The Rodchenko Connection

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