Kirby Rd

Kirby Rd is the southern portion of what was originally known as Beatrice St. The name changed when Britannia was annexed by the City of Ottawa in 1950. The Street is almost certainly named for T.H. Kirby, Treasurer for the City of Ottawa, who had a cottage in this part of Britannia.

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  1. I can add some info re Kirby Rd./Beatrice St.

    My father, the late David P. Kirby purchased what is now 85 Kirby Rd., from the estate of Dr. Forsyth in 1942. It was known then as “lots 6 & 7 on the east side of Beatrice St.”.

    Across the street at 78 Kirby Rd. There was a large cottage which my grandfather, the late T Sidney Kirby, bought from Robert Masson’s estate in 1923. This property consisted of lots 10, 11 & 12 on the west side of Beatrice St. Prior to Robert Masson’s ownership it belonged to John Kehoe. The Massons bought it in 1896. I don’t know the exact date, but some time around 1970 the property was sold to John Killick who tore the old cottage down and built the house that is there now. The Fuller family then bought it.

    During the 30′ 40’s and 50’s Beatrice St. went north from Rowatt St. in the same location as it does now. Where the Fuller gate is now there was a fairly large rock in the middle of the road to prevent cars from driving through. However, if you were on foot, you could walk down a dirt road where the Fuller laneway is now and end up on Cassells St. On this section of the road there were three cottages I think the two closest to the Boating Club belonged to Mr. Jamieson and the small one located about across from the Fuller’s front door belonged to Mr. Strutt. At this time the lots where the Fuller house is now belonged to Dr. Fenton who had a large old cottage in the same spot.

    Also during this era there was a small street which went north from Rowatt St. closer to the water, approximately where the laneway is for Simon Fuller’s house. It was called Cliff St. There were four or five cottages along this road, all belonging to Mr. Jamieson. Mr. Jamieson lived in the red brick house on the south west corner of Bradford St. and Rowatt St.

    During this era there wasn’t any city water or sewers in Britannia. People had outhouses and wells. As Mr. Jamieson owned many cottages he provided lake water to his tenants during the summer. Other cottagers could purchase lake water from Mr. Jamieson too if they wished. He had a large storage tank up on a high platform right on the edge of the Boating Club and Dr. Fenton’s properties. His water pipes ran on top of the ground meaning that he had to drain them well before freeze up time.

    I hope this brings back memories for the older readers and provides a bit of history for the younger ones.

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    1. Wow, thanks ever so for all of that information. I will try and work it into the relevant posts as you touch on many different topics, at least as they are organized here. That sure helps fill in some of the history of Beatrice/Kirby.

      and yes, it would be great if more people could share their knowledge with the community. This history is of definite interest to current residents.


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