Ottawa’s Britannia


Ottawa’s Britannia” by Taylor, Eva and James Kennedy 1983,  is the essential, and as far as I know only larger work on the history of Britannia.

Long out of print, second hand copies are now worth $50- $100, if you can find one. However there is another printing being planned (see at bottom).

As of 2016 the Ottawa Public Library still carries five copies, but no doubt that will decrease over time.

I strongly suggest at the very least borrowing a copy and flipping through it if you have any interest in the Britannia neighbourhood.

Ottawa’s Britannia: Errors and Corrections

Unfortunately the book “Ottawa’s Britannia” is not without errors in fact, as well as typos.  Go to Ottawa’s Britannia: Errors and Corrections to see the errata or to add a correction.

New print run

At this time (Feb 2017) it is the intent of the Britannia Village Community Association to republish this book. As I understand it (and don’t hold the BVCA to any of this since I am not even a member):

  1. The intent is republish the original, possibly with some better quality reproductions of some of the poorer quality images, but that will be the extent of the changes. It will be a reprinting, not a new edition;
  2. The plan is to have this available in roughly Aug/Sept 2017;
  3. The price will be in the $20-$25 range.


The Feb 2017 reprint sold out with weeks. As of winter 2019 another reprint is being considered, but the project needs a coordinator.


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    1. Assuming this is it, I believe it was spelled “Merrifields” and it was at the corner of Walter and Scrivens: (copy paste link & remove the space after www. I put it there because otherwise the link does not appear.



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