Poulin Ave

Poulin Ave was named for the Poulin family by developer Louis Poulin. In theory Poulin Ave was created in 1904, and a 1926 map shows it as existing, but it didn’t.

Even in 1945 it is little more than a dirt path that angles off to the east, joining Richmond Rd roughly where Forest Ave will eventually be. In 1958 it is a dirt road, but at least it actually exists.

265 Poulin Ave

  • Northwest One
  • The Meadows

359 – 373 Poulin Ave: Britannia Plaza

359  Poulin Ave

  • Current: Combined with 361 Poulin Ave
  • early 1980s Used Book Store, Gary MacMillan proprieter

361  Poulin Ave

Current: The Quickie Convenience Store: Convenience Store

367 Poulin Ave

Current: The Chandlery: Marine supplies for power and sail

373 Poulin Ave

??? Poulin Ave

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