Britannia Street

Britannia Street” may refer to:

Britannia Street

A replacement name for “Britannia Terrace“, a street that once existed on LeBreton Flats.



John LeBreton named the street as “Britannia Terrace” as per the 1879 map above, but by 1909, and in the 1911 and 1913 Directories it appears as “Britannia Street.”

However, the 1913 and  1914 Ottawa Directory note that the name of “Britannia Street” has been changed to “Maisonneuve.”

On the map you can also see the now long gone Ottawa St, which is where Lorne Greene‘s parents first lived when they came to Ottawa. By the time Lorne was born (1915) they had moved to Queen St.

 Britannia Street

A name proposed by John LeBreton Ross for the road in Britannia that was Main Street north of the railway line (see Britanniaville: Of mice and men), would be named “Louis Ave” between Howe St and Carling Ave in about 1905, and then Britannia Road in 1950; see A street by any other name.

Britannia Streetbritanniasthull

A early street in Hull, now gone, roughly opposite Britannia Terrace.

Britannia Street

Britannia Street or Rue de Britannia, a street in Gatineau (formerly Aylmer, PQ), approximately opposite Britannia, but about 3 km from the river. This is almost certainly a remnant of this historic “Britannia Road” in Gatineau, Quebec (later “Turnpike Road”, now Hwy 148) which connected Philomen Wright’s Chaudière Farm to what is now Hull.



Cement Works of C.B. Wright, 1 Britannia Street, Hull, P.Q.


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