Accomodation: Hotels, Motels, Cabins, Camps, etc


Jamieson Apartments

Rothesay Apartments 1914 Directory


Boarding Houses

Chateau von Charles

Camps & Camping grounds

Big Rock Camp, Camp Comfort, Cedar Camp, Frog Valley Camp, Metropolitan Life Camp, Night Owl Camp, Three Oaks, Water Lilly Camp
Bayshore Hotel
Trilby Lodge

Motels (aka Cabins, Tourist Courts)

Alice’s Wonderland Motel, 1955? – 1958? became The Britannia Motel, 

Britannia Motel, 1958? – 1979 had been Alice’s Wonderland Motel

Charlie’s Motel

Dayton’s Tourist Villa

Macies Exclusive Tourist Court

Ottawa Beach Motel aka Cabins aka Tourist Court aka Motor Court

Stardust Motel:

Town and Country Motor Hotel

See also Ottawa Cabin Camps and Motor Courts By Ken Elder


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