Britannia United Church

Britannia United Church

Built 1873/74 according to the History of Britannia United Church, 1878 according to Ottawa’s Britannia1, abandoned 1961 when the new Church was built at 985 Pinecrest Road. See also “Bit of Britannia History, old church lost to flames”Ottawa Citizen Nov 8, 1975.

St Bonaventure Roman Catholic Chapel

St Bonaventure

Built in 1894, abandoned when the Parish built St-Remi on Dumaurier Ave. The old St Bonaventure burned to the ground in 1966. see Historique de notre Paroisse.

St Stephen’s Anglican Church


Built in 1892, abandoned 1954 when the new church was built at 930 Watson St. Still standing and occupied as a private residence in 2016 (right); see History: St Stephen’s Anglican Church.

In 1922 some of the interior scenes for the silent movie “The Man from Glengarry” were shot inside St Stephen’s.

All three of Britannia’s older churches moved to within a few hundred meters of one another in Queensway Terrace North, probably due to a combination property values (ie cost) at the time and proximity to their congregations.

New Apostolic Church

New Apostolic Church

1Ottawa’s Britannia by Taylor, Eva and James Kennedy


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