Businesses that are defunct or no longer in Britannia in italics. Businesses that are/were in a mall appear on a separate page dedicated to that particular mall


    • Lincoln Fields
    • Richmond Square
    • Town and Country Plaza


Accomodation: Apts Hotels, Motels, Cabins, Camps, etc


James Skuce Britannia Heights 1911, 1913, 1914 Directory


H Graham and Co 1914  Directory


General and Variety Stores, Confectionaries & Groceries

  • Britannia General Store
  • Ghattas Confectionary
  • G Lark 1913, 1914 Directory
  • Albert McKay BbB 1911 Directory
  • Wm F Nesbitt 1914 Directory

Ice Cream

Ice Merchants/Dealers

Wm Murphey 1914 Directory



Sporting Goods

    • Britannia Bait and Food Mart
    • Britannia Bait and Tackle
    • Surf Side

Variety Stores: see General Stores


    • Mosgrove Wm Wine Merchant (mfr) 1,  1911, 1914 Directory


11911 Ottawa Directory


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