Roy’s Confectionery

Roy’s Confectionery was a business that was run out of the home of Oliver and Marcelline (nee Thibert) Roy at 212 Britannia Rd, on the corner of Britannia and Salina.

It seems to have been at various times: a restaurant, a tea room, a guest house or Inn of some sort, a tobacconist and confectionery, and a variety store. I do not know if it was always known as “Roy’s Confectionery” or if the name changed over the years.

Roy’s in 1912, note Restauarant on west corner

Originally built in 1909 by Roy himself at the corner of the then Main and Bay Streets (Britannia Rd and Salina), it is listed in the 1911 and 1914 Ottawa Directories as a restaurant, although other sources refer to it as a Tea Room, but it is not listed in the 1913 Directory. The the 1911 Directory lists the son William Roy as the proprietor, whereas the 1914 Directory lists the another son, Arthur M Roy.

In 1915 Oliver retired from his work as a carpenter and wharf builder and became more active with the business. Oliver Roy died in 1941 at age 90, and presumably at some point prior to that the running of the store was turned over to their son William and his wife Rose (nee Lacroix).

According to former resident Diana P. “The store operated from two different locations of the house/store.  In the summer time the store was located on the right side of the house in what appeared to be an insulated or scantly insulated area. It was much too cold to use in the cold months. During the winter months the store operated out of the front of the house. It was much smaller but much warmer.”

When William Roy passed away in 1974 the house and business was sold to Marion Watson. For a time Marion’s son Bill (William) Rivers and his wife Jocelyn attempted to make a go of the business, but it did not work out. The signage remained in place even though it was then used solely as a residence occupied by Ms Watson and her family until it burned down in 1979 (and here).

The Oliver Roy of Roy’s Confectionery should not be confused with Oliver J. Roy of Buena Vista Cottage and his wife Myrtle Ray Roy, who coincidentally also had a son William.

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