Britannia Road

Originally Britannia Road was “Main Street” from just NW of Howe St to Cassels St, and is probably the oldest road in Britannia as it connected the river and lumber mills with the railroad. For a time it would have been the only road, and when a name was needed it took the name that every main street seems to get, viz “Main Street.”

The section between Howe and Carling Ave was christened “Louis Ave” by Louis Poulin in his 1904 development plan for Loma Park, but this section existed before that. While the most traffic from the Village would have been to the railway, and hence the city or points west, there was also a need to get up to the Richmond Rd, and later March Road (Carling Ave).

First there was the blacksmith at the Old Forge, as important a resource as you could get in the day. Later the Methodist Church, Mosgrove School, and Post Office were all on Britannia Heights, never mind the Mosgrove Vinyards. Then there was neighbouring farms and communities which people would travel to from time to time, such as Richmond and South March.

Britannia Road at Carling looking north c. 1908

There was a road connecting the Village to the Richmond Rd, but what it was called prior to 1904 I have not been able to determine. It may well have been “Britannia Road” since it was the road that led to Britannia, but then it could equally have been something like ‘the Forge Road’ since it led to the forge, or simply referred to as Main St since it was an extension of Main St.

As stated, about 1904 Louis Poulin named the upper section ‘Louis Ave’ as part of his sub-division of Loma Park ie upper Britannia. Regardless, the full length from Cassels to Carling Ave was renamed as Britannia Rd when Britannia became part of the City of Ottawa in 1950; see  A street by any other name.

For the south section between Carling and Howe John LeBreton Ross had proposed the name “Britannia Street” in 1879, but this was never implemented. The decision to name the full length “Britannia Road” may have been based on the 1873 sub-divison plan by J. McAmmond who proposed renaming the then “Main St” as “Britannia Rd.”1

Not to be confused with the “Britannia Road” in Gatineau, Quebec (later “Turnpike Road”, now Hwy 148) which connected Philomen Wright’s Chaudière Farm to what is now Hull. Britannia Street or Rue de Britannia in Gatineau is almost certainly a remnant of this historic road.

A sidewalk from Carling to Howe was constructed in 1962

48 Britannia Rd

Harmer House

105 Britannia Rd

Arbour House Studios Ottawa

127 Britannia Rd

William Murphy House Built in 1902 by William H. Murphy

142 Britannia Rd

Ryan / Clarke Family

The Beginning

The War Years

175 Britannia Rd

      Built c. 1908 by the Murphy brothers for their sister Emma G. Murphy who was the first occupant.

181 Britannia Rd

Old St. Stephen’s Anglican Church

212 Britannia Rd

1980 – present

1976 – 1979 private residence, destroyed by fire 1979.

 1915 – 1976 Roy’s Confectionery / Tea Room / Tobacco Store

Original building was built in 1909.

230 Britannia Rd
Ottawa Journal, Mar 9, 1968
244 Britannia Rd


2018 – Current: Shoreline Studio

2003 –  Mar 2018: Brebner’s Manufacturing (originally at 3-244)

1980 Bikeway Rentals; Bicycle rental

???? Britannia Food & Deli

Ottawa Journal, June 21, 1980

196? – 1976 Smiley Bros Confectionery

1891 – 196? Britannia General Store

3 – 244 Britannia Rd

2018 – Current: Shoreline Studio

< 2014 – Oct 2017: Artist By Design Studio Liz Ciesluk artist passed away Sept 2017

245 Britannia Rd

1960s – 1970 Britannia Pier Live Bait Shop

246 Britannia Rd

???? – Current: Posh Puppies Spa

???? Barks & Bubbles Grooming Salon

???? Reflections Floral & Hm Decor

273/275 Britania Rd: 

Built late 1967 Owner or property manager, H. DeCruz Ltd

273 Britannia Rd

2016 – present The Beachconers

???? – 2016 Flashbacks (Antiques & second hand)

~ 2007 – 2009? ArtFuse


The Ottawa Citizen, 24 Mar 2001, Sat, pg 121

1999: An Ottawa Citizen ad for a Cablevision Installer

1971 – Jun 1972?: Delta TV

1968 – 1969 – Mimi’s Eskimo Gift Shop Canadian Arts and Crafts

275 Britannia Rd

2016 – present Kite Life

20122016 Malenka Originalsvillage-pizza

~  2009 Village Pizza: Eclectic pies and Calzones

~ 2007 Brites Pizza & Catering (aka Britz)

1987 Britannia Pizza

1983? Nibi’s Pizza

19771978 Pizza Take Out and Delivery

1976 Bente Beauty


Tony The Greek

Capilano Pizzeria

Pizza Presto

 Majestic Pizza

Greek Dixie & Noah Pizza Ltd

Barks & Bubbles Grooming Salon

1967 Britannia Barber Shop

275B Britannia Rd

2012 – present Recyclore: Bicycle Recycling




The Ottawa Citizen, 16 Nov 1978, Thu, pg 63

 288 Britannia Rd

1975 Explosion and fire

293 Britannia Rd

1974 – 1984? Jim Unger [Obit] creator of the Herman comic stripherman

295 Britannia Rd

Lyle and Ruby Gow: in 2008 (and here) Lyle was the 2nd oldest Cdn to parachute jump (96 yrs old)

1 Ottawa’s Britannia by Taylor, Eva and James Kennedy

300 Britannia Rd
300 Britannia Rd 1958
300 Britannia Rd, 1958



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