We want photos, dates, facts, figures … before it’s all lost

Examples of some of the things you won’t find on this site are photos of:

  • the Water Tower in the park
  • Ayoub’s Confectionery
  • El Toro Restaurant
  • the horse drawn pump fire truck in front of the old Town and Country Motel
  • Roy’s Confectionery

and on and on, because I can’t find any. Those are just a few examples, the list of what’s missing will be obvious if you look around and see all that is missing.

Many of these landmarks existed at least into the 1960s, a time of great expansion and development in Britannia. It’s hard to believe that none of the residents didn’t go out with their new Kodak or Brownie and take pictures of the neighbourhood, or at least family members or friends standing in front of local points of interest.

Please look through those old family albums and see if there aren’t pictures of these, or any of the other places that are, or soon will be gone. That includes pretty much any of the buildings (the old cottages that are disappearing, for example), green spaces, etc.

For photos it would be great if you could let me have a scanned image, or link to same, along with whatever information about the photo that is known.

I am also interested in  information and memories, pointers to sources, local knowledge of every type. What was where, when did it change, etc.

And of course actual help with this site if anyone is interested in helping to document our little corner of the Universe, that would be great.

So, if you can help, please get in touch or leave a comment.